Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Antiquing On The Way

TRIP ~ Day 11, part 2

In between all the nostalgia, I found antique shops to visit!  There's probably some nostalgia in that too.  The first antique shop I visited as a kid was in old Calabasas.  At the time there was the Leonis Adobe, a little market where my mom bought meat and my sister & I bought Archie comics and red vines red licorice, a boat yard -- I could never figure that one out, we were miles & miles away from water, a shop with a soda fountain and lurid comics like True Romance, and an antique shop.  It's all gone, except the Adobe, which is now fixed up and posh, but when I was a kid, the adobe was ramshakle!  However, when I saw the Adobe, I knew where I was, and I knew the old Calabasas would have to live on only in my memory.  That's ok, I've got great photos in my head!

Before Calabasas is Agoura.

I remember Rachel Ashwell talking about the Agoura Antique Mart in one of her TV shows, so that was my first stop.

 Great Displays!
I got tons of ideas for my shop . . .

And saw so many pretty things for sale!

I met Heather, a dealer there who travels to the East Coast yearly.  I gave her my card & hope she visits next summer.

 One one side, Bungalow.
Wish these curtains were more in my price range!

 Close-up of the smocking.

 On the other side, A Beautiful Mess.

I met Marilyn, one of the proprietors & we had a delightful chat.
I shared about My Birthday Year Celebration.
She told me her shop is featured in the February 2011 issue of Romantic Homes!

 From the front door.

 Wonderful beachy wall hanging.

Something awe inspiring at every turn!

Out of focus, but you get the idea.

I love this shop!

Great shopping & inspiration.  Visit if you can!

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