Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!


Today is my Dad's birthday.  We spent it hanging around near boats! (Isn't that a famous literary quote I should know?)

 My Dad.

 Off we went in the little runabout in search of breakfast.

My dad is happy on the water.

 Breakfast is close.

A "Pirate Ship," used for teaching.
 A class was on board when we got to the dock near the restaurant.

My dad taught us kids to sail on a 14' boat, similar to these.  He actually made us take a written test to make sure we were prepared.  I passed & y'know, I still have that test!
I used to race a little Sabot like this green boat.

Boats at the yacht club.
I know they look like surfboards.  Maybe they are sailboards.
I like the colors!  

In the afternoon we walked over to the new frozen yogurt place - serious yumm - and then to the beach.  I always think of my dad as quiet, almost taciturn.  But he was chatty and it was fun to listen to him expound on some ideas and reminisce about others.

The "Pirate Ship" we saw at the restaurant dock is out on the water, looking beautiful.

Tomorrow my brother & sister come up and we're all going to Solvang for lunch.  That will be fun.  Still, it was nice to have my dad to myself for a day.  He has always made me feel special, even on his birthday!

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Elyse said...

what a sparklingly lovely day!