Sunday, January 9, 2011

Japanese Tea Garden

TRIP ~ DAY 2, part 2

After the Academy of Sciences, I kind of dragged the kids over to The Japanese Tea Garden, also in Golden Gate Park.  I love this place.  I try to get here whenever I am in San Francisco.  My daughter & her boyfriend had never been and he perked up everytime I  mentioned it, so I made sure we got there before they closed.  So glad!  Both kids loved it and probably will go back. 

Beautiful Vista.

Red Pagoda.

An elegant path.

It's difficult to get the full scope of this garden at a single spot.  The paths twist and turn.  Around each curve, there is some element of beauty or surprise.  That is on purpose.  The idea is to keep the visitor focused on where they are walking.  Then each new element can be seen separately. It is very peaceful!

A large pond with many overlooks.

Path over stream.
Designed so you have to watch your feet crossing!

Large Lantern.

Steep stairs.

High Drum Bridge.
More steepness.
This image is from google.  My photo had the kid's heads cut off! 

Sand Garden.
I love these, they are so peaceful.
The sand represents water.


After walking through the garden in chilly temperatures, we went to the Tea House for tea, mochi (rice paste sweet treats) and hot chocolate.  My daughter declared it the best hot chocolate she's ever had!

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Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Now I've never been there.... but after seeing your photos I feel as though I have, like I'm having deja-vu! The Arnold Arboretum doesn't have anything like this, does it??? Maybe that's why this all looks familiar? Or perhaps it was Betty's "Oriental Art History" class I took in college that makes me feel like I've seen all this before??? lol

Beautiful photos - looks like a wonderful place for a nice and peaceful visit!