Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Fun for the Whole Family

 Trip ~ Day 9
Since they both had to work, my brother & sister came up to celebrate my dad's birthday on Saturday.

We drove to Los Olivos for lunch.  There was talk of wine tasting, but it never happened.

After lunch I wandered off.
I love my family but they are an intense group who all have strong opinions!

Lamb on succulents.

She would fit right in with my Lamb on Wheels and dozens of lamb things.  My sister loved this photo.  Of course she did, she's one of the givers of the dozens of lamb items!

This garden shop tickled me.

Our next stop --
Solvang,  a Danish town in the middle of California.

My sister says these are Belgium draft horses.
She is the horsewoman, so I'll trust she knows what she's talking about.  Horses are not my thing.

Antiques are my thing, but this shop entry was the closest I got to antiques on Saturday.  Probably just as well, I can't imagine being able to spend only 15 minutes in a multi-dealer space.
It was a nice day.  We walked & talked.  Saw the shops, bought "Man on the Moon" socks for Dad (he was an aerospace engineer and has a thing for socks) and brought apple streudel back for my dad & step-mom's wonderful neighbor.

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