Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coronado Island

TRAVEL ~ Day 14

San Diego, my old stomping grounds.

We lived in North County during my son's 2nd year; moved to La Jolla a month before my daughter was born (a great excuse to get out of lifting any boxes or furniture!); and finally settled in Chula Vista where the kids went to elementary school  and I made really wonderful friends thru classroom volunteering and PTA.

 One of those friends & I spent the afternoon on Coronado Island ~
We had lunch at Sheerwater,
one of the restaurants at the Hotel Del.
We ate outdoors, but were in the shade, perfect!

 After lunch we walked around the grounds,

 discovering these great garden beds.

too hot for my tastes!

Maybe the berries in our salad were from here!

Then a wonderful, leisurely walk on the beach!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Amazing how we have so many different climates and foliage right in our own country! This is most certainly NOT Cape Cod! lol

Pearl Maple said...

Gosh what great photos of your day out, it is an exciting part of the country to get to travel and see more of.