Monday, January 10, 2011

A Sunday Drive

more story than pictures . . . 

I was an odd kid.  I loved Sunday drives with my family.  They were pretty.  And quiet.  A lovely respite for me from the constant chatter of my mom & sister.  My dad loved California, having moved here in 1938, when he was 12.  He liked wilderness and trees and he drove us some fun places.

So last Sunday I drove my daughter & her boyfriend North.  It was a beautiful day for a drive.  At the Flea Market sign I got some interest.   My daughter has been dragged to so many flea markets and they aren't her thing.  Who knew her boyfriend was such a sport?  We stopped.

Not my usual flea market.  Here we saw beautiful First Communion

 . . . and Quincenera dresses!

Colorful fruit and veggies . . .

. . . and the young men selling them.

They  were teasing each other about being in my photographs, so I made them both stand still for this one.  I probably should have gotten vegetables also, but my daughter was worried they were making fun of us so I took this quick.  They weren't making fun, they were just cute kids.  When I pointed out that she & I know enough Spanish to know when we are being dis-ed, she was ok!

On through Napa, Healdsburg, St Helena . . . wine country.  
We didn't stop at any wineries or vineyards.  Nor did I take photos.  Trust me, it was beautiful, even with the grapevines dormant!


Almost 40 years ago, when I met my husband, this was a sleepy little town.  We used to come here on our days off from summer camp to do laundry and get soup at a cool organic, vegetarian restaurant.

 Victorian Cottages

 Great Porches

Architectural Details.

I wanted to live here, heck, I still do.  But my DH has never thought there would be enough work for a jazz musician.  He's probably right, but I get nostalgic for the life that might have been whenever I visit.

 Redwoods, looking up

Up over the hill we drove to Middletown, the former home of the summer camp where my chosen family (as opposed to birth family) began.  I met my husband there, and years later our son, age 9, & daughter, age 6, started going.  They spent three summers, loving the place every bit as much as we had!

We drove back on the Silverado Trail.  I love that name, so romantic.  Years ago it was rural and western.  Today its mostly wineries and vineyards.  It's still beautiful and it was a lovely day spent with my dearest daughter and her equally dearest young man.  This was an absolute perfect day for me!


Elyse said...

beautiful snapshot of your travels!

xo from snowy rhody!

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Enjoying your photos and trip... and your nostalgia, too! ;)

Pearl Maple said...

Fabulous tales and pics of your travels, nothing like finding a good flea market on the way.