Monday, January 17, 2011


TRIP ~ Day 10

 Before I left on this trip, I was talking with a friend from church who thought if he ever moved back to California, he would seriously consider living in Ojai.  So this is a travelogue for John & family.

I photographed things he might be interested in . . .

They were open on Sunday and I got a couple of falling-apart books for an art project I will be doing at the end of the month.

 . . . and things that touched my own quirky sense of humor.

Smudge Pots in the grove.
When the weather gets below freezing at night they light these and the smoke keeps the oranges from being lost to cold.  You can tell an orange that has gotten too cold.  The fruit is distinct looking.

Perhaps these yellow cards keep the oranges from being lost to bugs!

Orange grove with mountains in the background!

 A Bridle Path

 The Farmers Market was fun!
      Lots of different things to buy . . .

 Sage smudge sticks, handmade soap

Organic apples

The flowers were so pretty and colorful.  It's what I miss most on Cape Cod at this time, where the weather is around freezing and the only flowers are potted or silk inside.

 Another quirky sign.
I don't even know what product they sell.

From a local lavendar farm.
Also at the market -- honey & more fruits & veggies.

Pepperberry Tree.

Like so many California towns, the architecture is varied:

Spanish Adobe style,

 Storybook Cottage,

Victorian Farm House

Off the main drag, the residential streets were sleepy & warm.

Bart's Books
This place is an institution.  I visited it more than 30 years ago and it seems just the same as that visit.

 My purchase amidst the outside plants.

There is no roof over this bookstore,
except for a couple of rooms of rare or valuable books.

This sign made me smile!

This is what happens when you shoot directly into the sun!

I took the back route home.
It was great fun.  A wonderful day.  Great scenery.  An amazing lunch.  Even a few purchases at a thrift shop & the monthly peddler's fair & bookstores!

I'm so glad my friend from church mentioned liking Ojai.  I might not have come otherwise and it would have been a shame to miss all this beauty.  Thanks for hanging in to the end.  This is more photos than I usually take or post!

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Susan said...

And Beatrice Wood lived there! I've never lived in California, but that looks like an excellent choice.