Saturday, January 8, 2011

California Academy of Sciences


The second day of my winter trip.  My daughter & her boyfriend took me to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.  What an amazing place.  We could have spent the entire day there.

First up African Penguins . . .

 The keeper, hosing down their living quarters.
It was fun to watch them interact with her!

 Fronds distributed to the birds.

Some grabbed them.
Some did not.

Penguin carrying frond into cave.
Are they food? 
Nesting material?
Art supplies?
We never figured it out, but had fun watching!

Seahorse railing.
It keeps visitors from falling into the albino alligator pool.

Bugs, Butterflies, Sea Creatures.

The words are not the creatures' names, but human -- adopt a creature, support the Academy -- just like those who's names are above each metal seahorse.

Frog on plant.

You can see I did not pay attention to names and classification.  The shapes, the colors, the composition - that I paid attention to!

Sea Anemone.
My camera supplied this color.

Jelly Fish
A light source supplied a rainbow of color.

This jelly is translucent white.  They are in a circular tank because they move with the current and if their tank is square or rectangular, they would all end up stuck in the corners.
Don't you love learning new things?

I was so enthralled I sometimes forgot to take photos.  My daughter kept reading signs and telling me cool info.  It was a marvel.  And we didn't even see the planetarium or rain forest!  If you're in San Francisco, do visit.  It is worth the price, really!

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Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

I LOVE that seahorse railing!!!

We went to SanFran once (I loved it there!), but it was on business so we didn't get to see too many fabulous places. Lucky you!!!

(PS - but we did eat the BEST crabcakes we've ever eaten at the Pier!)