Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday

TRAVEL ~ Day 16

I returned my zippy little car to the airport and afterwards, Betty & I went on an antiques jaunt.  When I lived here, she & I would go to estate sales, garage sales and antique shops together as often as we could.  We went to a couple places downtown and then over to Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach.

Everyone's favorite.  It is so pretty and fun!

They asked that I not take any pictures of handmade items,
so I limited my photo activities altogether!

Pretty pastel display on top of a tall armoire.

No pictures, but dinner out was with Cathy, Betty, Nancy and Renee.  It was a wonderful time.  Although all these ladies know each other (our kids went to elementary, middle & high school together at some time and in some combination), none of us see each other often.  At one point the conversation turned to books (all these friends love to read) and pens & paper were brought out while titles were written down and shared.  It's possible a new book club will grow out of this dinner.  I'm sorry I won't be here to participate, but it thrills me no end that my friends may become better friends with each other.

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