Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

TRAVEL ~ Day 20

  Yesterday I was celebrating my birthday at Disneyland with my sister.

Cinderella's Castle from Fantasyland.

 First stop the Carousel.

My sister has been horse crazy since the age of 5.

Storybook Ride
Alice in Wonderland's village

 Aladin's village

Toad Hall

 When I was a kid I so wanted to be small enough to move into this wonderful place!  I was also a big fan of The Borrowers stories!
We had lunch at a wonderful outdoor restaurant in New Orleans Square:  Gumbo, goat cheese salad and a treat!

Can you tell it's a Mickey shaped cream puff?

While in The French Quarter, I shared with her what little I know about Club 33.  She has enough interesting friends, she just might wangle an invitation.  I told her she'd better include me and I'd fly out at a moment's notice!

Over-exposed, this captures the feel of some of the warmer places in the Park.  Knowing my husband has been shoveling snow most of this month, I'm awfully grateful to be here where it's sunny and warm.  I know how much he loves this ride.

 The back side of water.

Our daughter thinks when we retire, we should move to Orlando, FL or Anaheim, CA and my husband should get a job on the Jungle Cruise.  Not only does he love all the puns, he probably would come up with new ones!

 Waiting for the Matterhorn ride, we were lulled by these beautiful flowers.

Sis loves this ride but didn't know it had been made a lot faster!
It kinda scared me as a kid, but I always went on it.  It was lots of fun yesterday!

I learned something new about my sister . . .
She loves Barbershop Quartets!

We stayed all day and came home tired & happy!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

A cheerful way to spend a birthday!

circle retreat quilter said...

Happy Birthday, it would be an awesome place to celebrate your birthday- must put that on my bucket list. x Stacey

Michele said...

Hi Sweetie! Been following your travels - so glad the Grand Celebration is starting so well!
Give me a ring when you return to our colder climes (though if I were you I'd be staying where the sun shines and the temp. regularly is above freezing!)

Elyse said...

how fun!

happy belated birthday. so glad it was a special day!


Pearl Maple said...

Looks like you had a fantastic day together, happy birthday and many happy returns for the year

kent Homchick said...

Very happy belated birthday greetings. Disneyland is still my greatest inspiration as a designer. I was just watching movies of Walt Disney himself on youtube just earlier this week. And wow, I would never have recognized Nancy, especially with long and black hair. Cheers to all.