Thursday, January 6, 2011

On My Way!

The winter trip for My Birthday Year has commenced!

I'm visiting my daughter.
Since Ice Age was a real favorite of hers, this video seems so appropriate!

I had quite a few blogs in my head that I wanted to post before leaving home -- about the birthday year, my travel style, all sorts of things.  But I was stretched for time.  Packing for a month was hard enough.  Finding photos that would go on the blogs was time consuming.  And I might have enough time if I forgot about trying to find that perfect sweater for this trip in a pretty oatmeal shade.  blog or shopping?  tough decision and I haven't made it  before leaving.  Of course I could always have decided to rearrange the furniture.  This is another thing I have done just before leaving for a trip.  Sanity, I tell you is an issue before the train, plane, automobile departs!

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